About the Author

I used to say that the only constant in my life was change and a good book. I have been active duty Navy, a Navy wife and an Army mom. Courtesy of the Navy I’ve lived in multiple states, multiple times. I’ve lived in Hawaii four different times. I have lived in San Diego and Virginia Beach twice and D. C. once.

I now consider Southern Pines, North Carolina home. I call it home because I have lived there seven whole years, which is almost forever to me.

I like to travel, but I don’t like to pack. I like airports, even if it’s overseas. I like military bases, it doesn’t matter which branch of the service, they just feel familiar. I am a dichotomy, a mishmash but that doesn’t bother me.

I have been an avid reader of fiction most of my life. No line was ever too long as long as I had a book or my Kindle in my purse. A couple of years ago I caught the writing bug (that's a God story) and all the books I had devoured through the years made sense. To date, I have written three books. My latest book, ‘Belinda-Warrior Princess in Training’ is my first Christian children’s illustrated book.

My other two, ‘Journey Into Forever’ and ‘A Journey of Rediscovery-The Book’ are Christian young adult books.

I love God, the Bible, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Whether I am writing for children or young adults, this is a part of me and will always be reflected in my books.