God this is Jayce. I want to thank you for what you did for me today!

As you know God, today was my first day at a new school in the middle of the school year. Being the new kid is hard. When I got on the bus this morning and sat by myself, I was feeling really low and a little scared.

But as you already know, the girl whose desk was next to mine introduced herself. Her name was Belinda. She invited me to sit with her and her friends at lunch. I was so relieved because one of my fears was that I would have to sit by myself at lunch.

At lunch, I met Belinda’s friends Jeannie and Josh. So, by lunch I already knew three kids at my new school. Going home after school on the bus, I didn’t have to sit by myself, I sat by my new friends Belinda, Josh and Jeannie.

And then if that wasn’t cool enough, I got off at the same stop that they did. I guess that morning at the bus stop, I was too upset to notice those around me. And God if that wasn’t enough, I live on the same street as my new friends.

One more thing God, since we moved, we need a new church and they invited me to their church. I talked to mom and told her how our bus driver was also my new friends children’s church teacher. Mom said we could go to their church.

So God, I want to thank you for today. I want to thank you for watching over me. I want to thank you for my new friends. Good night God! Jayce