How I came to use ‘Blueberry Illustrations’ to do my illustrations!

I finished writing the book in the June/July time frame in 2017. I prayed that I might find the right Illustrator for my book. I did a lot of research online. One of the companies that looked promising was Blueberry Illustrations. Then I went on vacation intending to make a decision about which illustration company to use when I got back home.

One of the last stops of the tour I was on, was York, a beautiful town in England. Our tour guide gave us directions to the public restroom in the area. So, while I was on my way to the restroom, I looked up and saw a sign on a shop.

The name of the shop was Blueberry at Silver Street. Of course, I took a picture of the sign. It was literally a sign/message to me that I didn’t have to make a decision when I got home.

I thanked God for literally giving me a sign that I was to use Blueberry Illustrations for His book when I got back home.