I Really Like Belinda

I really like Belinda. I really like the fact that she wants to be a soldier in the Army of God. I love that she knows what that means. She understands that what she does every day is important, not just what she does on Sunday. Her and her friends make a conscious effort to pray for others, in fact they are on the bus going to school and they pray for the bus driver and the new kid on the bus.

The reality is that children go through struggles too. Their struggles might not be the same ones that adults go through, but nevertheless, their battles are real.

Which means they need to be taught, trained and guided, in how to deal with life and the myriad of problems that will pop up from day to day.

In a best- case scenario, this process of teaching the child would start at home. The children’s church can reinforce it, but the bulk of the teaching/training has to take place at home.

Belinda puts on her armor in the morning, just like her mom and dad taught her. Even as a child she knows she needs to be protected as she starts her day. She says her prayers at night and mom and dad are in the doorway watching her. Proverbs 22:6, instructs parents to ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from It’.

Okay, so I said earlier that I really liked Belinda. Well, I also think she is pretty AWESOME! She knows her identity in Christ and she knows how God feels about her. This is what she said, “Daddy God, I am so so glad that I am your most favorite girl in the whole wide world. Amen.”