My first children’s christian book, ‘Belinda-Princess Warrior In Training

My first children’s christian book, ‘Belinda-Princess Warrior In Training’ was conceived and birthed from a prophetic word given me by a friend and sister in Christ. We will call her Robin. Why? Well, because that’s her name. When she gave me the prophetic message, she also gave me a song to go along with the message. The name of the song is ‘The Warrior is a Child’.

At first when she gave the prophetic word about writing a children’s book, I was reluctant and questioned whether the Message was really for me. I had already written two young adult Christian books. Both of those books came into existence because I received multiple prophetic words that said I was to start writing books. The thing is writing a book or books had never been on my bucket list of things I wanted to do. But I picked up my pen and started writing anyway!

So why did I question writing a children’s book? Because I didn’t think I was the type or the right person to take on that task. I don’t work with children and I never have. I have one son and one granddaughter and she’s eighteen. You get the picture, I am never around children. But apparently, none of that made a difference to God!

Once I accepted that the prophetic message was for me, everything fell into place. I’m not saying it was easy, because I had to do my part and I had to trust Him to show me the way, and He came through every time

I had to understand and accept that God can choose who ever He wants to do His will. God uses the least likely of us to carry out His plan. In spite of what we think we’re capable of, He knows better!

What I also understand is, it’s just not smart to refuse God when He comes a knocking! Why? Because if you don’t answer His call, at some point, He will go knock on someone else’s door!